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Have you booked a journey through Air Canada? You need to know the baggage policy of the airline before you head towards the airport to avoid extra charges, stress, and delays. Read on to learn about the Air Canada Baggage policy.

What does the Air Canada Baggage Policy state?

You are allowed to bring a standard article of size about 55×23×40 cms along with one carry-on bag.

Camping equipment, including gas cartridges, fuel tablets, explosive items, and certain kinds of paints, are completely restricted on the Air Canada flight.

If you have a baby that sits on your lap while you are traveling on a flight, you are allowed to carry an extra standard bag such as a diaper bag. Medical equipment such as syringes and mobility aids are allowed to be carried.

Air Canada Checked Baggage Allowance

According to the Air Canada checked Baggage Policy, the maximum baggage size that is allowed on the flight is 292 Cm ( L+W+H). The maximum weight of the baggage that’s allowed on the flight is about 23 kg.

What policy does Air Canada have for Military people?

Current or retired military servicemen of the US or Canadian army are allowed to carry 3 pieces of bags. The total weight baggage allowance for them is 32 kgs. The military should carry a valid Military ID.

What extra items are you allowed to carry on a flight?

Sport and hunting equipment, medical equipment are also allowed on the flight, but you need to get these all checked 24- 48-72 hours before boarding the flight.

Air Canada Carry-On Baggage Allowance

The Air Canada carry-on policy allows to carry on baggage and the personal item size up to 55* 23*40 Cm or 21.9x 9× 155 inches. Your carry-on bag must be small enough to fit the overhead bins or under your unassisted seats.

If you have items that exceed the carry-on size limits, you may be required to pay the charges.

Personal items that you can take along with carrying on bags.

Personal items that are included under this policy are cameras, bags, purses, laptops, etc. Carry one liquid such as gels, or other liquid items must not be more than 100 gm or 100 ml. All the carry-on items must be in original bottles and packaging.

Air Canada holds a luggage policy

Air Canada’s hold luggage policy allows hold of one bag for free for international flights. For the second bag, the applicable fees are 50$ – 100 $. Fees increase if the number of bags increases. The fees also depend on the size and weight of the bags.

So, what size luggage does Air Canada allow?

One bag’s standard size allowed is 62 inches, and the maximum weight allowed is 23 kilograms. Air Canada’s standard load luggage charge for domestic flights is 30$ for one bag and a second bag -50$. Sports equipment may have different fees depending on the equipment.

Air Canada Baggage Fees

Air Canada Baggage fees for Domestic flights

Depending on the route that you are traveling, check bags will cost $30-$36 ( inclusive of tax) and an additional 59$ for the additional 2nd bag. These are the rates for traveling within Canada, To the USA, Mexico, and the Caribbean. On the domestic flights, as mentioned above 2 bags are free on the latitude fare, and only the 1st bag is free on flex and comfort fares.

Air Canada baggage fees for international flights

For international flights, the rates for first baggage are included in the fare. For the second checked baggage, the fees are about $118, and the charges. Though carrying sports and hunting equipment is allowed on the flight, you may have to pay $50- $117 per piece, depending on the route you are traveling.

Air Canada Late check-in Policy

  • It’s advised to reach the airport 3-4 hours before your flight time.
  • A lot of time is required in the checking procedures at the airport, so if you are boarding an international flight, check-in at the airport before 24 hours and at the least before 60 minutes.
  • Boarding gates for flights close 15 minutes before the flight departure.
  • If you check-in late at the airport, you may be denied boarding on the flight.
  • If you don’t board the flight before 15 minutes, it might result in the cancellation of the reservation or reassignment of the reserved seat.

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