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Air France Baggage policy is easy to access for the passenger to the essential belonging. Air France allowances for both carry-on Baggage and checked Baggage contain almost the essential ( except the prohibited goods) for use with specific size and weight limitations depending on the types of cabin boarded. Purchasing of additional bags counter available both at the airport and online. Full staff support for missing Baggage is provided. If it is not located within 21days, a compensation request can be raised by the passenger.

Advice- Collect 3 barcode tags from the airport’s kiosk and attach them to the sides of the bag, which will help identify to whom the Baggage belongs.

Air France checked Baggage Allowance.

Air Francechecked baggage allowance is convenient for the passengers. It ensures travelers- friendly system for baggage policy. Passengers are allowed for one checked Baggage in the Economy cabin, two in Business and Premium Economy Cabin, and three in La Première cabin. Weight for Checked baggage items should not exceed Twenty-three kg for Economy and Premium Economy cabins and Thirty-two kg for Business and La Première cabins.

Dimensions of checked baggage items must be within 300 cm / 118 in. For Flying Blue Silver, Platinum or Gold, or SkyTeam Elite and Elite Plus members, one additional checked Baggage is entitled at no extra charge.

Helpful Tips:- Ten Baggage are allowed per passenger or Three on some aircraft, including additional Baggage. Air France sales team needs to be contacted for carrying more than the authorized number of Baggage.

Air France Carryon Baggage Allowance

Carry-on Baggage Allowance of Air France is convenient and easy. Air France provides access to required carry-on belonging. Carryon baggage must be within the dimensions: 55 x 35 x 25 cm / 21.7 x 13.8 x 9.9 in (including wheels and handles). The baggage weight must not exceed Twelve kg for Economy cabins and Eighteen kg for Premium Economy, Business, or La Première cabins. Addition to this, 1 Personal item, such as briefcase, laptop, handbag is allowed with dimension- 40 x 30 x 15 cm / 16 x 12 x 6 in.Liquids can be carried considering containers should not exceed 100 ml each and bag volume must not exceed 1 liter.

Friendly Advice: Each passenger may carry a clear plastic bag.

Air France Hold luggage Policy

Air France ensures satisfaction to the travelers with the hold Baggage policy. Almost everything, including musical instruments, sporting equipment, or firearms, is allowed in the hold ( under certain conditions). Few items are prohibited in the hold luggage policy, such as flammable liquids, oxidizers, firelighters, or instruments carrying magnets. Fragile items are not recommended to places in hold luggage. In case it is carried, the items should be securely protected with a solid waterproof cover.

Advice for Travelers- Please make sure that all loose traps of the packing are tied well, and flaps are correctly fastened.

Air France Baggage Fees

Air France Baggage Fees will apply if the authorized weight and size and the number of Baggage exceeds, such as the permitted weight limit per piece of Baggage, 158 cm total dimensions ( length, breadth, and height) the maximum number of allowed baggage items.

Addition Baggage Fees

By Purchasing additional Baggage online, passengers are entitled to a 20% reduction in price. No discounts are applied for heavy bags that Purchased at the airport.

Note- Passengers can also buy additional Baggage online while check-in( Applicable for the flights operated by Air France).

Air France – Late Check-in Policy

Air France provides effective support to the passenger for late check-in. Passengers must check in within 30 minutes before the flight is scheduled for departure. Requirements for Online check-in vary on the selected destination. If a passenger fails to show up for the scheduled flight, their name will fall into the “no show” category.

Refunds depend upon travel fare and terms of use for tickets. Passengers are requested to consult in the Contact us section. If the tickets are purchased online, AIR

FRANCE Online Help can also be contacted.

Friendly Advice- All the passengers are requested to check-in before the boarding time and have an incredible journey with AIR FRANCE.

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