Southwest Airlines Baggage Policy

Like every other reputed flight service, air carrier giant Southwest airlines to have some shortlisted baggage policies. Although such approaches are exercised, Southwest forwards minimum restrictions for all while keeping passenger safety under concern.

  1. Each luggage checked in should have a maximum weight of 50 pounds and a full size of 62 inches.
  2. Southwest will accept Any baggage above the said limit (51-100 pounds in weight and 63-80 inches n size) will be accepted, provided a fee of $75 is paid for every piece.
  3. No damaged, faulty, or flared-up lithium batteries are allowed in the luggage.
  4. For passengers traveling to Havana, a baggage embargo is effective.
  5. No sharp object should be kept bare, keeping everyone’s safety under consideration.

SouthWest Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

Southwest airlines checked baggage allowance ensures the safety of both the customers and airline staff. Southwest airlines Checked baggage policy is strictly confined TSA rule as follows-

  • Two checked pieces of baggage are allowed per ticketed customer (weight and size limitations apply).
  • Fragile or improperly packed items are subject to limited release. Southwest airlines will not be responsible for the damage to the entities under the guidelines of limited release.
  • Baggage checked much less than 45 minutes earlier than the scheduled departure is taken into consideration as ‘Late Check.’
  • In case of loss, damage, or delayed baggage, call on +1-800-580-0142.

Careful Tip- Do not keep any sharp objects uncovered in your luggage to secure injury to yourself and Airlines employees.

Southwest Airlines Carry-on Baggage Allowance

Southwest Airlines carry-on baggage allowance policies are convenient and passenger-friendly. Following is the list of Southwest Airlines carry-on baggage.

  • Purses, briefcases, cameras, food containers, or laptops are allowed.
  • Carriers for pet, medications, and infants nourishments products are permitted.
  • Passengers travelling with children are allowed to carry one stroller bag.
  • Portable chargers for mobile or laptops, including 20 spare batteries, are allowed at a time.
  • E-cigarettes and one light can be taken in carry-on but not be used while boarded.
  • International passengers are permitted to carry liquids over 100 millilitres.

A friendly reminder: Carry-on bag is to be stored in the overhead bin, and the dimension of the bag is limited to 10 ×16× 24 inches.


The Southwest Airlines is one of the biggest airlines networks of the United States with the headquarters in Dallas in Texas.


  1. The checked baggage, commonly known as hold baggage will be screened, inspected by security official.
  2. Two hold on/checked baggage against each ticketed passenger is allowed. In case of excess baggage, extra charges are implied.
  3. There are limitations on the size and weight of each baggage. The maximum weight is 50 pounds/ 23 kilograms and size is 62 inches (including the length, breadth and height). For overweight items, extra charges are implied. Above a certain limit, the baggage is shipped as air cargo. Military passengers are exempted from such.
  4. For destroyed, lost or delayed baggage the airline is liable to pay the passenger. Fragile items must be properly packed as airline is not responsible for the damage of the same.
  5. Sufficient time is to be given for the checking of the baggage.
  6. The allowed items are listed on the website of the airline.


  1. The airline allows two hold on/checked baggage’s against each ticketed customer. In case of excess baggage, extra charges are implied on the fare value which is $75 or INR 5527.
  2. Limitations on the size and weight of each baggage are as:
    • Maximum weight of each baggage is 50 pounds/23 kilograms and the size is 62 inches (including the length, breadth and height).
    • For overweight items within the range of 51-100 pounds and oversized items within the 80 inches, the baggage fee is $75 for each item. Any baggage exceeding these conditions even must be shipped as air cargo. However, it is pertinent to note that military passengers are not restricted on this ground.
    • For destroyed, lost or delayed baggage the airline is liable to the passenger for a sum of $3,800 or INR 280027. One thing must be kept in mind that fragile items will be accepted as provided by the passenger, and the airline is not at all responsible for the damage of such.


Air carrier Southwest airlines are determined to make traveling as smooth as possible for you. From baggage concerns to late check-in issues, they have got you all covered. Generally, luggage is checked extensively for quite some time before they are permitted into the flight. Baggage that is checked 45min or less before the takeoff is considered late check-in on the part of the passenger.

Such cases are handled quite diligently by the Southwest. Every possible effort is made on their part to get your luggage on the flight. However, if it does not arrive with you, Southwest airlines will take complete responsibility to bring your luggage to you without any delivery charges.

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