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The Turkish baggage policy is based on the methods set by the IATA ( international airport transport association).

According to Turkish Airlines, baggage allowancedepends on the weight system for some international destinations while on pieces for other destinations. They have also set some restrictions that you need to follow.

What is the maximum weight that you can carry on Turkish airlines?

The maximum weight of the baggage allowed is 8 kg. The size should not exceed 55 × 40 × 23 cm. Turkish baggage policy allows 2 bags of the mentioned size per business-class traveler and one bag of the mentioned size for economy-class travelers. Per infant passenger between (0- 2years), one piece of a bag of maximum 8 kg weight is allowed.

Turkish Airlines Checked Baggage Allowance

The Turkish Airlines checked Baggage Policy allowance varies according to the reservation and the route you are traveling. According to the policy, Turkish Airlines allows less checked baggage for domestic flights compared to international flights.

Turkish Airlines baggage policy for domestic flights.

  • Business – 30kg
  • Economic Prime Fly – 25kg
  • Economic Extra Fly – 20 kg
  • Economic Eco Fly – 15kg

Turkish Airlines baggage policy for international flights.

For international flights, the baggage allowance is different from that of domestic flights.

  • Business – 2 pieces of size 158 cm and 32 kg.
  • Economy – 2 pieces of size 158 cm and 23 kg.
  • Infant – 1+1 piece of size 158 cm and 23 kg. This includes one collapsible baby carriage or a buggy.

Other items that you can carry:

Sports equipment and other gel equipment are also allowed on the flight, but they must be packed in the original bottles. The five liters of liquid items is the maximum limit.

Turkish Airlines Carry-On Baggage Allowance

According to the Turkish Airline’s carry-on policy, the carry-on baggage allowance completely depends on the class you are traveling in. You can take carry-on bags or cabin bags for free on the flights. The size of the carry-on bag must be such that it could fit in the cabins or underneath seats.

Along with this one personal item can be carried. Personal items include respiratory devices, mobility aids, liquid or solid foods, medicines, creams, and lotions can be carried. For the infants, diaper bags are all allowed, and also, one push bag or stroller per infant is allowed.

If the limit of free checked baggage is exceeded, then the fees have to be paid.

Turkish Airlines hold luggage policy

Hold luggage means the luggage that isn’t accessible to you during the g flight. You have to check in the hold luggage at the airport at the check-in counter. During Online check-in, you can’t check in your hold on luggage. Your hold luggage will be taken away from you at the airport, and then you will receive this luggage at the checkout at the final destination of the flight.

So, What size of hold luggage is allowed in Turkish airlines?

One bag’s standard size allowed is 55 × 40 × 23 cm, and the maximum weight allowed is 8 kg. Each fare-paying passenger is allowed to have one stroller and car seat till the gate. It will be checked there, and you can pick it up from cargo once you reach your destination.

Turkish Airlines Baggage Fees

Any baggage that exceeds the maximum allowance of baggage they are considered excess baggage. There are excess baggage fees applied to the excess baggage.

Excess baggage fees for Turkish airlines are as follows:

  • Business-class – 12 TL / 30kg
  • Economy class – 12 TL / 20 kg
  • Promotional class – 12 TL / 15 Kg

Excess baggage fees increase to 185-350 USD if the excess bags are more than 2 pieces. Excess baggage fees for joined flights are 340-450 USD. For step-over flights, the excess baggage fee is 10 – 180 USD.

Turkish Airlines Late check-in Policy

If you are traveling through business class, you can enjoy the extra privilege. You won’t have to wait in line. You can directly check-in at the business class check-in desk. According to Turkish Airline’s late check-in policy, if you check in late, you might gate late for boarding the flight. If you are late for boarding the flight, this might result in the cancellation of your reservation.

Turkish Airline online check-in policy

Turkish Airlines allows online check-in. At a time, one passenger can check in a maximum of 8 passengers. Online check-in starts before 24 hours of the flight and ends before 90 minutes. Even though you have checked in online, you need to reach the airport before three hours to carry out other procedures.

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