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Aeromexico airlines have introduced a new flight change policy so that you can book your tickets without any doubt because you always have a second choice to make changes to your Flight. In this Aeromexico flight change policy, you have to visit the Aeromexico official site and follow easy steps to make the changes.

How to Change Aeromexico Flight?

It often happens when you book a flight, and then due to sudden changes in the plan, you have to rebook it and get the whole process done. But now, to make an Aeromexico flight change, you do not need to follow an entire procedure. Now you can do it by yourself on its official website by following some very straightforward steps

  • To make Aeromexico change Flight according to your desired time/route, you have to visit the official website of Aeromexico and log in to it first.
  • After logging in, find the ‘manage your trip’ option on the same page itself and click on it.
  • It will ask for your booking code and your last name. You must be having the booking code to make these changes, or you won’t be able to go ahead in the process. Fill in your correct booking code and last name in the space given and click ‘find your reservation.’
  • You will then see an icon saying ‘customise.’ Select it and then click on the option named ‘change your flight’ and select the category you are willing to change.
  • It will then ask you about the new destination or date. Fill in your desired new location or date of the Flight, and it will show the list of available flights about your desired location or time.

Please choose any of them at your convenience and at last, make your booking confirmed and pay your charges. You can make your payment according to Aeromexico’s no change fee policy and use your last chance to rebook it and pay the differences if any.

Don’t forget to check the booking confirmation over mail or phone, and if finding any issue, try rebooking or call the helpline.

What is Aeromexico Flight Change Fee?

When you are willing to make changes to your previous flight reservations while travelling with Aeromexico, you need to know all about Aeromexico change flight fee and its details first to get a rough idea of expenditures and make your preparations accordingly. Here we are with the list of the costs for flight changes according to different fares of Flight. The list goes like this –

  • No fee for introductory fare flight.
  • No fee for the flexible fair
  • No fee for the premium fair
  • Up to $300 for classic fair
  • Up to $300 for comfort fair
  • Up to $300 for AM+

And now, through the Aeromexico no change fee, one can quickly get their flights changed with the lesser altercation and use the fares of their previous Flight (the cancelled one) while rebooting it with a new destination or date. He’ll have to pay the differences on his own if there are any.

How To Change Flight Date On Aeromexico?

To change the flight date on Aeromexico, you have to follow similar steps as you have to do while changing the flight destination.

Both the options would appear to you simultaneously, and you’ll need to fill up both of them either you want to make changes to Flight or date or both.

Aeromexico Same Day Flight Change & Standby Policy

Aeromexico’s same-day saw flight change allows the passenger to get his Flight changed even on the day of his reserved Flight, but it has to be done one hour before the flight departure of the regular schedule. Aero Mexico same-day standby allows passengers to wait for a seat on an earlier flight than the reserved one.

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