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To avail of a quality flight, you might have to purchase expensive flight tickets, but you can save your hard-earned money if you fly with Southwest Airlines. Southwest Airlines is among those Flight that comes with cost-effective flights present in the U.S. If you are planning to change or cancel Flight, you don’t have to be worried. Today changing the Flight has become one quite easy, and all thank goes to the digitalisation. Just like the other Airline, Southwest Airlines have their own rule. You can go to the Southwest Airlines website to gather more information about the Southwest Flight Change norms.

How to Change Southwest Flight?

The change in the schedule of airlines can happen at any time, due to which customers get the provision of hassle-free Southwest Flight Change So that travellers can have a better flight itinerary. There can be multiple factors that can cause flight cancellations. In case of any uncertain cancellation, airlines provide compensation to their customer. But in case you want to change your flight reservation, you may have to pay some penalty fees. But as per, southwest Airlines offer flexible norms for their customers. There are various ways to change your Flight, and you can use the Southwest flight change number or use the online portal.

Step 1: You have to sign in to your account with the help of the Southwest official website.

Changing the Flight is more seamless when done from the online portal. The first thing that you have to do is go online and visit the official website of Southwest Airlines. Once you are in, click on the login button at the top of the homepage. Now put your username and password to log in to the website.

Step 2: Select the option of cancel or change the Flight

When you get access to the account, then select the option of cancel or change flight. You can find the vote on the right side of the homepage.

Step 3: Put your last, first name, and confirmation number.

Now that you have put all the input, you have to put your last name, first name, and confirmation number; once you are done, click on the change the flight button.

Step 4: Click and select the cancel/ change flight option

Now select the cancelled Flight, change the option available according to your need, and select the search.

Step 5: Search for the flights you want to transfer.

You have to select the Flight that is present in the reservation tickets. And you get the preferred Flight; check the Flight boxes you want to choose for changing or updating.

Step 6: Select the new flights.

Now that you have selected the best Flight for you, you have to choose the new flight option and click on the continue button.

Step 7: Review your change.

Once you have completed all the processes, go through the changes you made.

If you are not sure about the online change, you can apply the offline method for transferring the Flight or canceling your Flight.

Southwest No Change Fee Policy

What is Southwest Flight Change Fee?

Southwest Airlines offers you great flexibility, and they do not charge any charges for international and domestic flights.

According to the Southwest no change fee policy, you may not be charged an extra fee when you desire to make any change in your itinerary of the Flight. You will not be charged an additional fee when you have to change your plan for emergency reasons. Not all the Southwest change flight fee is refundable. Depending on the refund policy, you may apply for a refund. You can request the change through online websites. In some cases, Southwest Airlines can charge you 100$ maximum for the domestic flight date change, and for an international flight, you may have to pay the $150-$200 depending on the flight tickets types.

How To Change Flight Date on Southwest

To Change the flight Date on Southwest airline with the help of the following steps

  • Open the official website of the Southwest Airlines website and open the Southwest manage booking section.
  • Once you open the particular cells, you have to type your last name and booking number in the offered skilled.
  • Now click on the continue tab.
  • Select the Flight, choose the date you want to change, and follow the instructions mentioned accordingly.

Southwest Same Day Change & Standby Policy

If you plan to change the international booking within 2 hours before the scheduled departure, you won’t use the website. This criterion will be considered under the Southwest same-day change policy.

Southwest’s same-day standby policy of southwest policy permits some particular travellers to transform their reservation only if they want to depart on time before the scheduled time.

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